Our aim is to provide a welcoming, exciting place to help children to grow in God.

Thanks to a committed team, a programme is provided every Sunday during the year. During this time we use every method possible to communicate a loving God through relevant and bibilical teaching - plus a whole lot of fun! Keep an eye out for photos of what we get up to!!

One year, we looked at the Armour of God.  If you can't remember all the pieces that go to make up the armour, the kids should be able to tell you!

Then, we looked at God's Big Picture, giving the kids an overview of the whole Bible.  As we went along, the kids drew the stories in their own notebooks.

We've looked at different festivals and celebrations, and we've trained to be God's special agents!

In the run-up to Christmas, we do the Great Christmas Countdown, a reminder of the real meaning of Christmas.  One year, our 9-11 year-old kids built a time machine ....

Any questions, contact our Children's Worker, Jo Huggins: Email...