Night Church

This is in abeyance at the moment, to rethink the structure and content.

When running, this is a second opportunity to worship God together every week and an opportunity for us to reach new people in our community.  Night Church is for a wide age range and is intended to be an informal, interactive Bible Study.  Occasionally, we have special topics.

Upcoming studies






26 May - 18 August
We ran an Alpha course

19 May - Should Christian faith be checked out?
Special Alpha launch dinner with Dr Paul Moon, Professor of History at AUT speaking


4 June - Queen's Birthday weekend
Movie:  War Room - A seemingly perfect family looks to fix their problems with the help of Miss Clara, an older, wiser woman.  Come along, and bring your friends - it's free!


15 May
Patience: Use it or lose it - Combined Youth Service (Western Front, PYM)  Why not check out the message?  You can listen to a recording online - under the Resources menu.

24 April
Ian & Liz Wright (from Lincoln Road Bible Chapel) will be telling of God's leading them (back) to Botswana.  An exciting story told with PowerPoint and video.  Everyone welcome!

6 March on

The Art of Godliness & Guarding the Gospel: A journey through the pastoral epistles


24 December @ 10:00pm

29 November - Last Night Church of the year!
Eunice Hiew - Life on Africa Mercy - Euni tells us all about her adventures, misadventures and what she learned whilst serving with Mercy Ships in Madagascar.

22 November
Victor G - Pastor Victor G is an itinerant preacher and a Gospel singer. He aspires to deliver the Word of God through various and exciting means for the sole purpose of spreading the Gospel and God’s love for His people. Expect to hear the Message in the forms of uplifting Christian music and word

15 November
Stuart Lange - Te Mānihera Poutama and Kereopa Hemi Patene

8 November
Allan Bates - Ephesians 3:14-21

1 November @ 6:30pm
Pot luck meal.  Join us and bring a plate (with food). We will eat dinner together, hang out, play a game or two and then have a reflection with Hope Ridout.


25 October
No service

18 October
Colin Print - Daniel 5 - God does graffiti

11 October
The Way - An inspirational story about the challenges we face in this ever-changing and complicated world.  A journey of pilgrims looking for greater meaning in their lives.

4 October
Ben Matautia:  Ben Matautia works in South Auckland and has a boxing ministry where he disciples young guys along with teaching them fitness and boxing

27 September
Tasha & Sean from SIM:  Sean has recently returned to NZ from Nepal following a trip to help re-build earthquake affected areas at the Kathmandu International Study Centre, and shared real stories from life on the ground for the people of Nepal following the earthquake. They also shared their testimony of how God called them into this work, and their previous experiences in missions.

20 September
Grant Ridout - Beyond Sunday School - Daniel 4: Nebuchadnezzar makes an ass of himself; Pride makes an ass of us!  It would appear that Nebuchadnezzar is slow to learn and his own ego tends to put him in awkward spots. We're all like Neb in some ways. Let's discuss this interesting chapter and apply it to the chapter, in which we find ourselves, in our own lives.

13 September
Stuart Lange - 2 parables

6 September
Grant Ridout - Beyond Sunday School - Daniel 3 - Nebuchadnezzar II soon forgets about YHWH and decides to add another Idol to his pantheon. But Daniel's friends refuse to bow down and once again YHWH miraculously pulls through. But even the three didn't expect God to act in this way.  21st Century NZ may not be full of literal idols of gold, bronze or wood. But there sure are some idols that we can bow down to if we (knowingly or unknowingly) compromise the way of the gospel.

30 August @ 18:30 (6:30pm)
Pot luck meal.  Join us and bring a plate (with food). We will eat dinner together, hang out, play a game or two and then have a discussion

23 August
Grant Ridout - Beyond Sunday School - Daniel 2 - Even in the midst of tragedy God is still at work and with his people.  God's Kingdom will last forever.

16 August
Why is that often when we get what we want, we still feel empty?  Discussion led by Grant. 

9 August
Grant Ridout - Gratitude: Responding to Grace Colossians 3

2 August
The True Cost - Documentary movie that explores the impact of fashion on people and the planet

26 July
Allan Bates - Preparing for our welcome into eternal dwellings

19 July
Grant Ridout - Ephesians 2: The cycle of grace and the cycle of work, Part II

12 July
Grant Ridout - Ephesians 2: The cycle of grace and the cycle of work, Part I 

5 July @ 6:00

An African meal will be provided for a small charge (to be advised), followed by some worship (including an African song) and testimony and presentation of some of the work that God is doing in Zimbabwe.  Proceeds from the meal and from an offering taken during the service will go to Sethule Trust's camp for youth.

28 June
Colin Print - Daniel 1 - When no one's looking

21 June When Life Hits the Fan, Where is God?  We have excellent communicator guest speaker Christine Welten coming to speak. Looking at her own life and the life of Jesus, Christine will explore where we can find God when we are abandoned, hurting, and alone.

Christine and legend Hannah Bates will be performing some Spoken Word poetry. Plus Christopher Bates will perform a couple of songs and we'll have sung worship from the mostly 'youth' band. Should be a great night.

14 June
Mark McConnell - The parable of the sons Part II

7 June
Grant Ridout - Ecclesiastes 11 & 12 - Life Under the Sun: The Grand Finale

31 May

Michael Bain - Ecclesiastes 8 - We're not in control... Mike Bain unravels this rather full chapter for us. Who can know what God is up to? Why obey our earthly rulers? and more...

24 May
The Surgery Ship - a documentary about the life & death work that Mercy Ships do.  Also, Jenny will be interviewing Nick, a Kiwi nurse who has done a couple of stints on the Mercy Ships, and who also spent 6 weeks in Sierre Leone earlier this year working in an Ebola treatment facility.

17 May
Mark McConnell- Which comes first: forgiveness or repentance?  Sometimes we get things in a funny order. Mark looks at the Prodigal son as a case study of forgiveness and repentance. How can this impact how you forgive others?

10 May
Grant Ridout - Ecclesiastes 7- Balancing life

3 May
Potluck dinner from 18:30 (6:30pm) - Join us and bring a plate (with food). We will eat dinner together, hang out, play a game or two and then have a discussion around the topic: Do We Truly Understand the Fullness of the Gospel (Good News)? Let's chat about the width and breadth of the Gospel and what exactly is it...

26 April
Allan Bates - Ecclesiastes 4

19 April
An Easter camp ' reunion' and celebration service.  Come and support the youth connected to MPC as some of them speak about what God has done at Easter Camp in their lives and hear guest speaker Lindy Jacomb speak from Philippians 2

12 April
Movie night - Hell & Mr Fudge - Based on a true story in mid-1970's Alabama, Edward Fudge, a young preacher, is approached by an eccentric Australian man who offers to hire him to prove whether or not an eternally burning Hell exists. Raised by a father who was a well loved,fundamentalist church leader, Fudge personally believed in eternal torment. But Fudge, a respected theologian and researcher, agrees to set his preconceptions aside and dedicate a year of his life to do a systematic investigation of the subject, for the small fee of $3000.00. As Fudge immerses himself in research, other aspects of his life begin to crumble. He comes under attack from leaders of his denomination for suggesting that members of other denominations may be saved. He is fired from the church he loves for inviting a black man to pray from the podium.

5 April - No service

29 March
Passover meal (Seder) - The Seder is a ritual performed by a community involving a retelling of the story of the liberation of the Israelites from slavey in ancient Egypt.  As Christians, we trace God's work through the liveration of Israel culminating in the Christ event, who is our Passover lamb.

22 March
Stuart Lange - When God revives the church: stories from history

15 March
Grant Ridout: Ecclesiastes 3:1-15 - Time, Work, God, Pleasure & Me - Life is all about rhythms, but sometimes these rhythms can overtake us and become life itself.  How can we find meaning in the mundane rhythms of life?

8 March
Colin Print: Ecclesiastes 2: Finding meaning - Surely life is about geeling good, right?  What can we learn from the teacher?

1 March - with cafe!
God is not Dead - A film about faith and the limits one young man will go to in order to defend his belief in God.

22 February at 6:30pm
As One - we will be joining other Christians from all over West Auckland at the Trusts Stadium for an evening of prayer and worship

15 February
Johannes Suwantika - Miracles - Does God need human beings to help in performing miracles?  Can God perform miracles without any help from anyone?  We will look at the miracle of the feeding of the 5000from the Gospel of John in search of an answer.

8 February
Grant Ridout - Ecclesiastes 1-2 - The beginning of the search for meaning.  Come join us as we tip-toe our way through Ecclesiastes together.  Is studying Ecclesiastes meaningless too?  You be the judge.


1 February
Potluck dinner from 18:30 (6:30pm) - Come and be community together.  Bring a plate.  Eat, laugh, discuss, and hear a small reflection from Grant Ridout.


30 November
Interactive Worship: An Evening of Worship Music, Reflection and Praise  A new year is coming as is a very busy season. It’s good to take stock and acknowledge where God has worked and where we need God to work in our lives.  Come, reflect and worship God through song, prayer and reflection as we present our lives to God in praise and anticipation.

16 & 23 November
Chris Defibaugh (who runs a counselling course called "Relate", and has a pastoring background) - The power of empathy

9 November
Grant Ridout - Hebrews 4: The author of Hebrews exhorts us to enter God's rest and to not fall short of it. What is God's rest and what does it mean to enter God's rest? How do we fall short of it? How do we make effort to enter it? Come and lets discuss...

2 November
Michael Bain - Fruit of the Spirit: Joy

26 October
Grant Ridout - Fruit of the Spirit - God is love (agape), we are to be known by our love (agape). But what is agape love (what isn't agape love) and how can we partner with the Holy Spirit to walk in this agape love?

19 October
no service

12 October
Colin Print - Fruit of the Spirit - Self-control

5 October
Lindy Jacomb, Assistant Youth Pastor at Westgate Baptist - Walking the walk

28 September
Grant Ridout - James 5: 13-20  'The Prayer of the Righteous,' but what is righteousness?
This Sunday night we finish up in James (what a great book). We major on prayer, confession & righteousness. We have this idea of what righteousness is, i.e. being perfect and 'Holy' but what can we learn from James, Elijah and King David?

21 September
Brian Laing - Hearing from God 

14 September
Allan Bates - Worry & Anxiety

7 September
Dave Tims from Urban Neighbours of Hope - UNOH's goal is to immerse themselves in the life of neighbourhoods facing urban poverty, joining the risen Jesus to seek transformation from the bottom up.

31 August
Grant Ridout - James 5: 1-6 - Is money good or bad?

24 August
Jane Pelz - James 4: 13-17 - Business as usual in the light of eternity

17 August
Simeon Hawkins from St Pauls, Symonds Street returns to talk about the Creation narrative in Genesis

10 August
Grant Ridout:  James 4 - A faith that works

3 August
Come along for a night of multimedia, scripture and sung worship using the structure of Psalm 48

27 July
Grant Ridout - James: A Faith That Works (James 3 - Taming the tongue)

20 July
Christians in Action - DVD & discussion

13 July
Grant Ridout - James: A Faith That Works (James 2:14-26) 

6 July
Mark & Brenda Laurent use music and poetry to talk about "life, the universe, and Jesus"

29 June
Johannes Suwantika - Tithing: What is it?  Is it still relevant?

22 June
An Unexpected Journey - A youth focused service, with a guest speaker

15 June
Michael Bain on James: A faith that works 

8 June
Stuart Lange and Jane Pelz on James: A faith that works

1 June
Simeon Hawkins, from St Paul's Church, Symonds Street - Simeon is the youth pastor from St. Paul's Symond street and will be talking about the space between Jesus' ascension and Pentecost, Christ was gone, he had promised something would happen, but what now? Simeons relates this to our own promises from God which are yet to be fulfilled. How do we wait in those in between spaces faithfully?

25 May
Grant Ridout - James: A faith that works.  James teaches us what true "religion" is and challenges our perceptions of entitlement.  Join us as we walk through this book together.

18 May
Oxfam night ... Why social justice?  Why bother?  Once again we are doing some fund raising for Oxfam with a focus on fair trade.  We will be screening the documentary: The dark side of chocolate (2010), plus we'll have some fair trade supper available.  This doco looks at the exploitation and slave-trading of African children to harvest chocolate, which is still occurring nearly ten years after the cocoa industry pledged to end it.

11 May
DVD and discussion: Francis Chen - Fear God, What does the Bible mean when it tells us to fear God?

4 May
Allan Bates - Imtimacy with Jesus - What is it, and how do we foster it?

27 April
Michael Bain: Resurrection!

20 April
Johannes Suwantika:  Come along and watch an episode of a TV programme, and discuss some questions it raises about the nature of God.

13 April
Stations of the Cross: This walks you through the Easter story in creative ways that will get you remembering and thinking about Easter.  It's a great way to prepare yourselves for a Christ-focused Easter.  It will be running from 5-8pm.  You can come anytime, either alone or in a group (bring friends).  But bear in mind it may take anywhere up to 35 minutes to do a full circuit. Please note: This may not be suitable for children under 13 years as there are some graphic/ scary scenes.


6 April
Sean du Toit: Rethinking Hell:  A close look at the scriptures regarding the doctrine of hell. Have we simply purported tradition over scripture on this one? Let's have a frank and honest discussion with PhD candidate and friend of MPC Sean Du Toit. Not to be missed.

30 March
Johannes Suwantika - Mark 14-15: More of the Easter story in Mark.  What happens when Jesus/ God allows himself to face the wrath of human judgement?

23 March
DVD: Te Rongopai: 200 years of the Gospel in New Zealand, 1814-2014
A 65-minute documentary DVD, written and presented by Stuart Lange.

16 March
Colin Print - Fruit of the Spirit: Kindness

9 March
Stuart Lange - Mark 14

2 March
Grant Ridout - Fruit of the Spirit: Faithfulness - What does faithfulness look like in the 21st century?

23 February
Night Church went to As One NZ at the Trusts Stadium @ 6:30 pm



1 December
For the final Night Church of the year, come and celebrate with musical worship to God.  We be focused on celebrating Christmas, but not singing just Christmas carols. 

24 November
Jolene, a missionary in a country that doesn't like missionaries, will talk about what we can learn from Jesus' encounter with the Samaritan woman at the well about interacting with "despised" people.

17 November
Stephen Garner talks about differing views on the end of times shape how we live our lives now.

10 November
Facilitated discussion with a DVD - Flame: Relationships and Sexuality

3 November
Stuart Lange - Mark 13

27 October
Sebastian Murrihy Philippians - 1:27-30 - Living a life worthy of the Gospel

20 October
Immanuel Koks - The Adventurous Hope: A look at hope biblical hope differs from what the world presents 

13 October
Grant Ridout - Mark 12

6 October
Jamie Higginbotham: Purpose and Calling

29 September
Matthew Flannagan - Is it narrow-minded to think Jesus is the only way?

22 September
Grant Ridout - Fruit of the Spirit: Peace 

15 September
Michael Bain - Listening to God's Voice

8 September
Grant Ridout with a DVD discussion: Luggage - sometimes we carry around unnecessary hurt and unforgiveness

1 September
Sean du Toit - 1 Thessalonians 2:3-12 - Mission in a "yeah right" world

25 August
Combined West Auckland Youth Service: God is love, but what is love?  There will be a half-serious panel discussion, a reflection from Stephen Garner on love, a dance from the FOB crew, excellent youth-led worship, and more!

18 August
Johannes Suwantika: Why pray?

11 August
Sebastian Murrihy (a Laidlaw College post-graduate student): "Radical Discipleship"  John 21:15-19

4 August
Fruit of the Spirit: Gentleness - Grant Ridout will be looking at the Biblical concept of gentleness and how it takes strength to be gentle

28 July

Mark: God in Action - Jane Pelz - Mark 11:Doyou get it? Christ is King!

21 July
Movie Night - Contact - an interesting look at questions of faith

14 July
Colin Print - Fruit of the Spirit: Goodness

7 July
Grant Ridout - Fruit of the Spirit: Patience

30 June
Stuart Lange - Three encounters in Mark 10

23 June
Mark McConnell, lecturer at Laidlaw: What does the trinity have to do with everyday life? How does our understanding of the trinity help us to not compartmentalise our lives? 

16 June
Fruit of the Spirit - Grant Ridout will talk about patience - Paul talks about the fruit of the spirit. Does it just grow without any tending? How can I improve my character? Tonight, Grant leads a discussion about patience 

9 June
Wrestle: Dr Matt Flannagan talks about the Canaanite massacre.  How do we reconcile a God revealed to us in Jesus with this kind of activity? Is this and are similar scriptures promoting genocide?

2 June
Michael Bain - Living a mature faith

26 May
Sean du Toit is back, leading an interratcive discussion from 1 Peter, which is an interesting and inspiring little book. This Sunday night Sean joins us to bring it alive, make it relevant and to answer our questions and deepen our understanding. Sean is an excellent communicator and is currently doing a PhD on 1 Peter (so he's really in the know). 

19 May
Oxfam's Biggest Coffee Break - Living out of Micah 6:8 - We will be watching "Black Gold", a documentary on one man's journey from Ethiopia to London and Seattle, and the challenges he faces going up against multinational companies to gain long term solutions for his farmers. 

12 May
Wrestle: Come and hear Professor David Richmond speak and host a discussion on the hot topic of euthanasia

5 May
Murray Stevenson, missionary in Africa - An African perspective on faith 

28 April
Grant Ridout -  Mark 9:2-13 Understanding faith in stereo: suffering and triumph

21 April
Touched by an Angel? Angels are common in popular culture, but what does the Bible say about them? Join us on 21st April and find out with Stephen Garner

14 April
Nooma DVD - Kickball: Do we really trust God?

7 April
Grant Ridout - continuing the theme of Resurrection

31 March
Stephen Garner - The Resurrection and the Everyday Life

24 March
Stations of the cross- A walk through reflection on the events leading up to Jesus' death.  A chance to leave aside the commercial trappings of Easter and to reflect on what Jesus went through for us.  Come to the church any time between 5-8 pm (we close at 8.30 pm).  Suitable for older children. Note: there will be no cafe.  

17 March
Stuart Lange - Another look at the gospel of Mark

10 March
Movie - The Blind Side - The story of Michael Oher, a homeless and traumatised boy to became an all American football player and first round NFL draft pick with the help of a caring woman and her family.

3 March
Christine Welton - YOLO: Christine examines two popular songs and looks at the connection between YOLO and Hebrews 

24 February
Wrestle - In the world but not of it - Grant Ridout will interview Dr Stephen Garner.  


25 November
The Panel - Christmas

18 November
Sean du Toit - 1 Peter

11 November
Stuart Lange Mark: God in action Part 4 - 4.5 incidents in Mark

4 November
Grant Ridout - Mark: God in action - The Kingdom is Like ...

28 October
Andy Dixon - Using the gifts and talents God has given us

21 October
Grant Ridout - Mark: God in action - Kingdoms collide (Jesus v Religious leaders)

 14 October
Movie night: Courageous

7 October
Prayer four ways - An interactive, creative service focusing on prayer.

30 September
Derek Lind - Singer, song writer and musician - An offering will be taken up for TEAR Fund

 23 September
Sarah Harris - Reading the Bible effectively

16 September
Stephen Garner - Jesus and superheroes?  Exploring faith through comic books, graphic novels and superhero films.

9 September
Stuart Lange - Who is this Jesus guy?  Mark 1

2 September
Johannes Suwantika - What do we do with the tough stuff in the Bible?

26 August
Christine Welton - testimony of healing from acute mental illness and substance abuse

19 August
Combined West Auckland Youth Service
Grant Ridout - Through the Looking Glass

5 & 12 August
Andy Dickson, a leader from The Edge Church, looks at our new identity in Christ

29 July
David Piper, Avondale Baptist Church youth worker, shared his testimony and talked about the Call of Levi in the gospel of Mark.

22 July
Words don't mean a thing?  Johannes Suwantika will be sharing with us about the power of words. Come to be challenged, encouraged and to build each other up

15 July
Movie night - Soul Surfer

8 July
Matthew Flannagan - Ask Dr Matt the difficult questions

1 July
Stuart Lange - What about denominations?  Why so many?  What are the differences, and do they matter?

24 June
Around the table - What do you do when life rains on your parade?

17 June
Panel discussion, hosted by Michael Bain: What is Christian faith all about?

3 & 10 June
Sean du Toit - Mick Jagger reportedly said "It's all right letting yourself go, as long as you can get yourslef back."  Keri Hilson and pop culture encourage us to "just lose control".  Contrary to this, the ancients believed self control is a virtue.  Join us as we have a look at what the scripture says about self control, desire, self restraint.  

27 May
Sebastian Murrihy, student body president at Laidlaw College

20 May
Grant Ridout - Galatians 5:1-15 - Legalism and false liberty

13 May
Network course part 2 - discover your spiritual gifts 

6 May
Network course part 1 - discover your spiritual gifts

 29 April
Chris Joll, OMF - Matthew 8 - Jesus' encounter with the Roman centurion

22 April
Conversations with R18 about Ego  vs surrender

15 April
Jordan & Julie's African Adventure

8 April
Stephen Garner - Easter Sunday.  Now what?

1 April
Dion Fasi - Ministering to one another with encouragement and prophetic words

25 March
Grant Ridout - Ministering to one another with prayer

18 March
Jim Foster - Ministering to one another with acts of love

11 March
Colin Print - Hearing God's voice

4 March
Michael Bain - The prayer of Jabez

26 February
Movie Night: Mama Heidi - A documentary about Heidi Baker's work with orphans in Mozambique. 

19 February
Around the Table: Religion or Relationship



18 December
How to survive Christmas & holidays - panel chaired by Michael Bain

11 December
Stuart Lange - Christian faith & cults - What's the difference?

4 December
Jeff Pelz - How to mine the Bible for all its gems

27 November
Colin Print - Colossians

20 November
Rob Pettersen - Colossians

13 November
Grant Ridout -Colossians

6 November
Ashleigh Twist - 1 Corinthians 1:18-21

30 October
Hallowed King - An evening of worship in music 

23 October
Michael Bain & Jane Pelz - Winning in the "Game" of Life?  part 2

16 October
Michael Bain & Jane Pelz - Winning in the "Game" of Life?  part 1

9 October
Matthew Flannagan - Is it all Relative?

2 October
Matthew Flannagan - Can God Command Evil?  The problem of apparently abhorrent commands

25 September
Stephen Garner - Faith in Science?  Science in Faith?

18 September
My Life was Changed! - multimedia presentation of stories & testimonies 

11 September
Ruth McConnell (Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Laidlaw College) - Finding God in the Midst of Life's Crises part 2

4 September
Ruth McConnell (Senior Lecturer in Counselling at Laidlaw College) - Finding God in the Midst of Life's Crises part 1

28 August
Grant Ridout - Faith during tough times

21 August
Rob Pettersen - Pray for the persecuted church today

14 August
Stuart Lange - martyrs & persecution in the early church

7 August
Michael Bain - discussion on thorny issues

31 July
An evening of worship in music

24 July
Stuart Lange & Ron Body - Encounters with Jesus - John 3

17 July
Grant Ridout - Encounters with Jesus - Luke 19

10 July
Stuart Lange - Encounters with Jesus - John 4

3 July
Rob Pettersen - Encounters with Jesus - Acts 9

26 June
We had a great two nights at the Vector Arena for the Auckland Harvest 2011 event

12 June

Andrew Picard - Consumerism

19 June
Andrew Picard - Consumerism

5 June
Adrian Helu - Continuing the series on worldviews

29 May
Discussion on worldviews

22 May
Jane Pelz - Continuing the series on worldviews

15 May
Worldviews - Where do culture and faith collide?

8 May
Stuart Lange - Augustine of Hippo

1 May
Rob Pettersen - Resurrection

24 April
Grant Ridout - Resurrection

17 April
Salvation & film

10 April

Dr Mark Keown, lecturer in New Testament at Laidlaw College and a lively speaker.  He will be continuing his series about identity.

3 April

Dr Mark Keown, lecturer in New Testament at Laidlaw College and a lively speaker.  He will be speaking about "My Identity in Christ".

27 March
Dr Mark Keown, lecturer in New Testament at Laidlaw College and a lively speaker.  He will be speaking about the new identity he gained on becoming a follower of Christ.