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23 Jun 2019Colin PrintTithes and Offerings - Burden or blessing?Download mp38.7 MB
16 Jun 2019Stuart langeRevivalDownload mp39.6 MB
2 Jun 2019Henry HarrisonA humble reminder to live for Jesus - Romans 12:3-21Download mp36.2 MB
26 May 2019Allan BatesMinistry of Reconciliation - Acts 17Download mp37.2 MB
12 May 2019Colin PrintThe Graces - Mothers day 2019Download mp35.6 MB
5 May 2019Stuart LangeThe Cross and the ResurrectionDownload mp35.3 MB
28 Apr 2019Colin CrockerBreakfast with the Risen Jesus (John 21)Download mp37 MB
21 Apr 2019Stuart langeEaster Sunday: The ResurrectionDownload mp37.1 MB
19 Apr 2019Stuart LangeGood Friday 2019Download mp35.9 MB
14 Apr 2019Stuart LangeMatthew 16-28 overviewDownload mp37.8 MB
7 Apr 2019Stuart LangeMatthew 7Download mp37.7 MB
31 Mar 2019Stuart LangeSome more from the Sermon on the Mount (beginning missing)Download mp34.9 MB
24 Mar 2019Stuart LangeA Reflection on the Christchurch Attacks (& Matthew 5:3-11)Download mp38 MB
17 Mar 2019Henry HarrisonChecking our attitides - John 9:1-38Download mp36.9 MB
10 Mar 2019Stuart LangeMatthew 5:1-7Download mp37.5 MB
3 Mar 2019Mark MaffeyGone fishing - Matthew 4:12-22Download mp38.4 MB
24 Feb 2019Stuart LangeMulticultural Service - The GospelDownload mp36.1 MB
17 Feb 2019Stuart LangeMatthew 4Download mp37.7 MB
10 Feb 2019Jung Hun ChoiPhillipians 1Download mp37.2 MB
3 Feb 2019Stuart LangeBeginnings: Jesus' baptism and temptationsDownload mp38.5 MB