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18 Feb 2018stuart langeLuke 18 Pharisee and tax collectorDownload mp36 MB
11 Feb 2018Stuart LangeJesus Transforms ZacchaeusDownload mp36.6 MB
4 Feb 2018Stuart LangeEuthenasia BillDownload mp38.8 MB
28 Jan 2018Aaron Geddis1 Corinthians 12 - Equipped by the Spirit - motivated by loveDownload mp35.8 MB
21 Jan 2018Colin PrintMatthew 8Download mp37.9 MB
7 Jan 2018Paul MoonWhat is happinessDownload mp37.8 MB
31 Dec 2017Aaron GeddisMatthew 3Download mp36.3 MB
24 Dec 2017Aaron GeddisMatthew's Christmas: The stuff of dreamsDownload mp37.7 MB
24 Dec 2017Stuart LangeThe true meaning of ChristmasDownload mp34.3 MB
17 Dec 2017Matt CaveThe GospelDownload mp35.8 MB
10 Dec 2017Stuart LangeChristmasDownload mp36.1 MB
26 Nov 2017Tony PlewsMatthew 14 - Jesus with us in the storms of lifeDownload mp37.9 MB
19 Nov 2017Stuart LangeLuke 9 (Transfiguration)Download mp37 MB
5 Nov 2017Stuart LangeLuke 8:22-56Download mp36.4 MB
29 Oct 2017Sturart LangeLuther Part 3Download mp310.6 MB
22 Oct 2017Alan BatesJohn 21Download mp36.9 MB
15 Oct 2017Stuart LangeReformation Part 2Download mp310.2 MB
8 Oct 2017Mark MaffeyCertainty of God's PromisesDownload mp38.1 MB
1 Oct 2017Stuart LangeMartin Luther & the Reformation 500 years onDownload mp38.7 MB
24 Sep 2017Colin PrintRepresentatives of Christ 2 Corinthians 5:10 - 6:2Download mp38.7 MB