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24 Jun 2018Colin PrintHave the attitude of Christ - Philippians 2:1-11Download mp36.6 MB
17 Jun 2018Stuart LangeColossians 2:7-8Download mp39.1 MB
10 Jun 2018Paul HugginsMatthew 25:31-46Download mp38 MB
3 Jun 2018Stuart LangeColossians 1:24-29Download mp38.2 MB
27 May 2018Stuart LangeColossians 1, vs. 21-23Download mp38.1 MB
20 May 2018Colin PrintPentecost - Acts 2:1-41Download mp39.3 MB
13 May 2018Stuart LangeColossians 1:15-20Download mp37.4 MB
6 May 2018Stuart LangeColossiansDownload mp36.7 MB
29 Apr 2018Stuart LangeChristians in a secular societyDownload mp39 MB
22 Apr 2018Allan BatesForgivenessDownload mp38.9 MB
8 Apr 2018Ian HookerRelationshipsDownload mp38.2 MB
1 Apr 2018Stuart LangeLuke 24Download mp37.2 MB
30 Mar 2018Alec WallisSymbols of the SaviourDownload mp34.8 MB
25 Mar 2018Stuart LangeLuke 23Download mp38.7 MB
18 Mar 2018Mai MelotaSufferingDownload mp38.6 MB
11 Mar 2018Stuart LangeBefore and AfterDownload mp36 MB
4 Mar 2018Alec WallisMark 10:17-31 - The Rich Young RulerDownload mp36.8 MB
25 Feb 2018Colin PrintLuke 15 - The Prodigal SonDownload mp38.7 MB
18 Feb 2018stuart langeLuke 18 Pharisee and tax collectorDownload mp36 MB
11 Feb 2018Stuart LangeJesus Transforms ZacchaeusDownload mp36.6 MB